Twenty Days Until the Extra Give


Twenty days to go until the Extra Give! Today, we take a step back and look at the impact Team River Runner has had specifically on wounded Veterans from recent conflicts around the world. I’d like to introduce you to Marshall Davis from our Boise, ID chapter. In fact – I’ll just let him introduce himself…

“I got back from Iraq and landed in the hospital for 4 months. Over 7 surgeries and over three years later, I was in bad shape. Broke mentally and physically. Pain and medicine seemed to be the only daily constant in my life. This was destroying…and it destroyed my family’s confidence in me as a father and husband.

“This being said, I started meeting with the VA Vocational Rehab office. This same office started getting me out of the house and working with other soldiers.

“I was referred to the TRR program. I first met Bob and the TRR team in a pool in the Idaho Athletic Center. We conducted basic kayak training. At first, I was not too impressed with the simplicity of the sport. However, I quickly discovered that it takes balance and skill to stay upright and I had neither. I was humbled and challenged. Soldiers DO NOT back down from a challenge, so over the next few months the TRR team taught me how to become a pretty good beginning kayaker. We, together, never looked back!

“We have been on some incredible trips down the South and Main (editor’s note – these are rivers in Idaho known for their beauty, rapids, and challenge). I have met some GREAT other soldiers that would do anything for.

“This activity, this team, this organization has been great for me and my family.

Thank you, Bob, and the TRR team.”

signed: Marshall Davis (Captain, US Army – ret)

 You see, when you give to your local chapter of Team River Runner, you help us to reach out to these awesome people. I have been paddling for a long time, but I am constantly reminded about how much more this sport is than just hopping in a boat and going somewhere. It is a sport that builds community while it builds skill. It builds confidence while it heals old wounds. It reaches out to help others to reach deep within to find the peace that eludes. them.

Put November 20th on your calendar. On that day, between 12:01 A.M. and Midnight, visit and give what you feel is right.

Marshall and the rest of the Veterans we serve are counting on you.


Bill Butler
Chapter Coordinator,
Susquehanna Valley Team River Runner

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