Two Weeks until the Extra Give!

Fourteen Days to go until the Extra Give. By the time we get there, we will have experienced two major changes in our world: 1 – we will know who the President Elect is, and 2 – the Cubs will be the World Series winners for the first time in 108 years! These are both causes for celebration…but, after the dust has settled, we still have more to celebrate.

Team River Runner will have nearly 60 chapters in 31 US States and one US Territory (U.S. Virgin Islands). Our 500-plus volunteers will have served over 2,100 individual Veterans. We will have completed nearly 2,000 different paddling sessions, volunteer training classes, and adaptive clinics, all at absolutely no cost to our participants. And, we will have changed a few lives in the process.

All this work doesn’t come cheap! It is not inexpensive to put on these activities, purchase the specialized gear required to adapt our boats and paddles to individual injuries, travel around the country training volunteers and pay for gas, food, camping fees, and the little things we need to do to help the wonderful, sometimes broken people get out and discover that there is life on the other side of the pain they’ve endured.

Your donations go directly to support these folks – rates TRR as a Platinum Level charity due to its transparency and very low administrative overhead (roughly 90% of all funds go directly to programming).

Please take some time to think about what your donation really means to the men and women – and their families – that we serve.

If you would like more information on the ExtraGive or about Team River Runner, email Bill Butler (

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