The Season of Giving…Time

When we think of the Holidays this time of year, our thoughts often turn toward giving.

Volunteers lining up dockside at the 2016 DC Biathlon

Well, some of us think a lot more than we should about receiving, but you get my point…we turn toward those whom we cherish and in some small way say to them, “You are important to me.” We say it through our gifts, through our words, or – and this is the gift I love more than any other – we say it through our time. We travel to them or invite our loved ones into our home and spend time with one another.

Time…it is such a funny thing. To many of us, it is the single greatest commodity on the planet. We never have enough of it. We are admonished to use it wisely. We are told not to waste it. But we are never really told how to invest it. Investing takes many forms. Someone who invests their money is called a Supporter. Someone who invests their time is called a Volunteer. Supporters are important but volunteers are vital!

Team River Runner would be nothing without volunteers. Those who take their time and invest it in other people are the single most important resource we have as an organization. We could have King Midas himself as a supporter and have all the latest equipment and boats, but without a volunteer to work with a Veteran and teach basic kayaking skills, safety, etc., those boats would be nothing more than sculpture.

Our chapter boats a great group of highly skilled volunteers who give their free time to bring boating to our Veterans. They help at pool sessions, guide trips, run safety, and lend a sympathetic ear whenever someone needs to talk. But most of all, these volunteers are present! Simply being there is one of the greatest gifts of all.

So this Holiday season, take a moment to remember the volunteers that make this all possible. And, if you’ve thought about how you can help out, don’t be shy! Talk to me and I can help you find some great ways to invest some time in Team River Runner.