Help Us to do some Rolling Outreach!

Hello, Paddle People!

One of the more difficult challenges any Team River Runner chapter has is Outreach. Getting the message out to the masses is almost a full time job – and, given the fact that we all have full time jobs to pay the bills, this effort sometimes goes by the wayside.

However, we have one asset in our chapter that is at work 24-7 and can be an excellent outreach tool – our trailer!

The Trailer serves as a backdrop for our 2016 Kids are OutaSight! clinic group photo.


We are starting a Go Fund me campaign for non-program funds (meaning, these funds will not be used for Veteran programming, gear, etc.) that we will use to add some bling to our transport machine.

Right now, we stop and talk with people, leave brochures around the area, invite people to look at the website and Facebook pages, and so forth. But, the only thing people see when we’re driving to an event is a plain white trailer with only the markings that came with it.

If we can get some funds put together to professionally wrap this trailer in high resolution adhesive vinyl (done by a Veteran-friendly local company), then every time we pull this trailer to and from an event, we will be able to communicate our message to hundreds, maybe thousands of people at a time. And, if only 1/2 of one percent look us up because of it, that means the addition of 10-20 Veterans a year that we will get to serve who might have otherwise never have known about us.

So, to help, go to and make a small donation toward this fund. Let’s get the word out so that more Veterans who can benefit from our organization will be able to reach us.

As an added bonus, if you donate, we will make sure your name is added to the final graphic in the “Made Possible By:” section. The bigger the donation, the larger the font!