Remember Pearl Harbor

On this 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, I leave you with an image that speaks to the brotherhood formed while serving in the Military.

This is an image of a Veteran, a survivor of the attack aboard the USS Arizona, being buried alongside his shipmates following a long life. His service aboard that iconic battleship was ever present in his mind and his final wish was to rejoin his friends who perished in the attack. 1,177 men died aboard the Arizona that morning – the largest loss of life aboard any U.S. warship, before or since.

Remember Pearl Harbor, a battle cry through World War II, now takes on a more poignant meaning as we remember the dwindling survivors of the attack – of the 60,000 people at Pearl Harbor that morning, fewer than 2,000 survive today, most in their 90s.

This is what it looks like to watch history fade from living memory and into the annals of time.

Remember Pearl Harbor!