Chaotic Kayak Race

HEADS-UP, Paddle People!

This Blog post is devoted to the First Annual Susquehanna Valley TRR Chaotic Kayak Race (  tentatively scheduled for May 20th: the Saturday before Memorial Day. TRR National staff has asked each chapter to put on a paddle event during this weekend as part of our national remembrance of Memorial Day. Some chapters name these events after fallen heroes known to them, others keep it lighter.

This “race” is, in fact, a fun 5-mile trip down the Conestoga River from the lower dam at the Lancaster City water works to Lancaster County Park. We plan to have T-shirts and a few fun trophies for the competitive among us. We would like maximum participation from SVTRR chapter members and members of the community alike, local paddling clubs, Veterans groups, church groups, and so forth.

unnamedThe other purpose for this race is as a fundraiser for the chapter. The costs are:

  • Veterans and registered SVTRR Chapter Members – FREE
  • Disabled / Adaptive Paddlers – FREE
  • Adults: $20 (children riding in the parent’s boat are included in this price)
  • Kids (in their own boats): $10

Each paddler will receive a T-shirt and we will have some trophies made up (Fastest Time – Able-Bodied Adult & Child, Fastest Time – Adaptive Adult & Child, Best Costume, Most Awesome Boat). We will time individually by giving each paddler a wrist-band with their start time written on it in sharpie (HH:MM:SS based on iPhone time) and their finish time will be written the same way on the same band. iPhones in the same network all should have the exact same time, so we’ll take pains with who the start and fishish timers are. Due to the highly exact nature of this timing system, this race can’t be considered a sanctioned race and winning won’t help you in your national points standings. FUN, remember?

This is where you all come in…I need help with the following items:

  • We gotta spread the word! Let your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. know about this event.
  • We need people to help line up some Corporate Sponsors. Sponsor fees may be “bartered” for a like-amount of donated gear or equipment, in-kind services (like transportation, setting up the picnic, etc.)
  • $250 Event Sponsors will be able to set up a table at the takeout in the park (and enjoy the paddler’s picnic) to meet-n-greet, pass out literature, etc. They will also get their 2″ x 3″ logo added to the T-shirt that each paddler receives.
  • $500 “Super-Sponsors” will get all the perks for Event Sponsors and will also receive paddler contact information (Name and address only for those paddlers who consent on their event registration forms) and a 4″ x 6″ logo on the T-shirt.

MUCH more information about how the sponsorship works will be forthcoming once you volunteer to help out with this aspect of it

We need people to sign up as event staff (Transportation, Timers, Put-in/Take-out crew, Safety Boaters, First Aid (at the takeout), Picnic Helpers, and Boat Wranglers. All Event Staff will receive a “Staff” T-Shirt (color will be different than the paddler t-shirts) can paddle the course free! You just can’t get a trophy.

We need an artist to help design the T-shirt logo. We will use this on all Race communications as well as posters, the website, etc. One-color or Two-color graphics work best for T-shirts I have found.

We need someone to lead the T-shirt effort – find a vendor and help route the order.

I can take care of doing formal OUTREACH to the VA, Disabled Sports USA, VisionCorps, and other TRR chapters who might want to take part. Roy and I will take care of all paperwork we need to file with the Parks & Recreation Office, the PA Fish & Boat Commission, and TRR National. We will pay all fees out of our chapter budget as well.
I have probably forgotten something on the list – if you think of anything else I need to take care of, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Here we go!


Bill Butler
Chapter Coordinator,
Susquehanna Valley Team River Runner
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