Thank You!

As we come to the end of our paddling year, I ask myself what I am thankful for in our TRR chapter.

The answer is YOU!

You all have really turned this rag-tag band of paddlers into a growing, vibrant family of Kayakers. We’ve grown so much that we need a bigger trailer to hold all the boats we need to do what we do.

So, here’s your Christmas present! TRR National teamed up with us and helped us buy our new 14-foot carryall. The graphics not only celebrate the chapter and it’s Vets, but also is a rolling bill-board reaching out to Veterans in need with the Veterans Crisis Line number on both sides as well as the back of the trailer.


This is an artist’s rendition provided by Truckin’ America, our kind provider

Let’s fill this puppy up with some boats and memories!


Bill Butler
Chapter Coordinator,
Susquehanna Valley Team River Runner
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