Pool Session This Sunday 4:30 – 7:30

Good morning, paddle people!

I was on the phone last night until around 9:30 working kinks out of the pool session this Sunday, January 7th. There is a two-day collegiate pool tournament that will create some overlap for us.

So, please arrive no SOONER than 4:00 – we plan on getting in the water at 4:30 and the session will run its usual 3-hours, ending at 7:30.

Also, the first pool session of the year brings with it lots and lots of paperwork. We will be filling out the following:

• 2018 Paddler Information and Liability/Media Release form (once each year)

• Non-Veteran Volunteers will need to update their SVTRR Volunteer Conduct Agreement (added some language this year on trip attendance and non-disclosure).

We’re still working to secure a lifeguard from the University for the pool session on the 20th. I will keep you posted, but in case we can’t get one, we may try to hold our annual Kayak Sledding event at Logan Park in Lancaster. Pray for snow! I am also going to be going to Hamburg that day to partner with George White of our Lehigh Valley Chapter for Cabela’s Outdoor Sports Accessibility Day. I hope to make it back to town in time for the pool session; if not, the rest of TRR staff has my back.

See you Sunday and remember, if you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong!


Bill Butler

Chapter Coordinator,

Susquehanna Valley Team River Runner





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