VSC Program

Veterans have a heart for service

In the course of serving our Country, many Veterans develop a deep need to continue serving others after we separate from the Military. One of the most exciting programs offered by the Susquehanna Valley chapter of Team River Runner is the Veterans Serving the Community (VSC) program.

This program, often paired with a local service organization to fulfill a real need, provides the training as well as the opportunity for Veterans who wish to pay it forward and teach others what they have learned with TRR.

When a Veteran in our chapter decides they want to take on this commitment, they start down this road by first engaging in our TRR Instructor Endorsement program. Once they have earned their “instructor wings,” we begin training them in a variety of skills designed to meet their individual service goals.

KAOS began as a VSC opportunity

A Veteran might choose to teach people who have upper body mobility impairments how to kayak safely across a placid lake to their favorite fishing spot. Another Veteran may want to share the excitement of whitewater with her PTSD counseling group. And yet another may want to teach blind and vision impaired children and their parents how to safely kayak down a river as a rewarding family activity.

If you are interested in taking part in this challenging, yet very rewarding program, or, if your organization has an opportunity that might be a great fit for our graduates, contact Bill Butler for details.

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